One Crafty Bird is all about strictly creative ideas.

Interested? Let me know and I will create something amazing.

Hi, my name is Aleksandra, creator and calligrapher, the owner of OCB - "One band woman". I am also a wife to a wonderful man - Jarek and a mother of very funny and adorable little girl Amelia, mind you she's 7 now, but she will be my baby forever. 
How the One Crafty Bird came to life? Well, I've always been creative and as some say very Crafty, I used to make origami and my favourite design was Dove, a beautiful Bird of love
I finished college with technical drawing, as a main part of  many subjects, so the lettering was at the top of my interest but the calligraphy have always been my goal..... So after attending a calligraphy workshop, I completely  fell in love with it. Not long after that, I started to write on mirrors, chalkboards, seashells, wood boards, almost on anything that came under my hand - just for fun. Then my friends, high street boutique and local school asked me for some hand written items. I was getting a lot of wonderful and positive feedback, which made me think, what if I could turn this into my own business? And I did just that :) and I love it! Since then, I was privileged to contribute to quite few beautiful events and I love seeing everything put together on the big day.
Let me be a part of your special day, I'm already exited.

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